Scandinavian languages sites


Jump Station to Resources in German and Scandinavian. Pointers to German and Scandinavian resources on the Internet.

Nordic Council of Ministers. Facts, figures, maps, and news, about the Nordic region and individual countries. Website text in Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, and English.

The Nordic Pages. A comprehensive list of links to Internet sites in Scandinavia, together with general country information. An excellent starting point. (This site used to be known as Nordic News and Media. )

Project Runeberg. A growing collection of Nordic literary texts online.

SASSLink. The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies. Information on the Society and pointers to Scandinavian resources on the Internet.

Scandinavian WWW sites of interest. A list maintained by Nick Gilmour of the Department of Scandinavian Studies here at Hull University, including links to Scandinavian universities and online media (newspapers, magazines, TV stations).


Alt om København - AOK. A "What's on" and culture guide to Copenhagen, including a "virtual tour" of the city, info on its various tourist attractions, and links to places to stay, eat, and drink. Site text in Danish and English.

Danish lessons online. A 10-day course in beginners Danish for English speakers, including audio clips, grammar, a pronunciation guide, common phrases, and useful links for learners of Danish. The audio clips are implemented in Flash, so a Flash player is required. The "official door to Denmark" run by the Danish State Information Service, focussing on public institutions, tourism, local administration, and business. Site text in Danish, with one page of links in English.

DR Online. The website of the Danish national broadcaster, with audio and video clips. Website text in Danish, with some pages available also in English.

Kulturnet. A host of resources on all aspects of Danish culture, including news and an events calendar. Site text in Danish and English.

Learn Danish. This is a nice introduction to Danish, including audio clips of words and phrases. Part of the wider site which has lessons, vocabulary and clips for a wide range of world language

LiteratureNet. A gateway to Danish literature, with annotated and categorised links to literature resources, including book archives, literary periodicals, and author websites. Site text in English.

Nyttige netadresser m.h.p. fremmedsprogspædagogik. An annotated list of links maintained by Elsebeth Rise relating to speech technology, and to the use of technology in language teaching and research. Some of the links are specific to the Danish language. Site text in Danish.


Finland Related Links. A collection of links to Finland- and Finnish-related Internet resources, sorted by type.

Finnish Grammar Bits. A detailed, although incomplete, guide to Finnish grammar for the novice.

The Finnish Language. An introduction to the structure, history, and grammar of Finnish. Although there are no lessons, this could be a useful primer for prospective learners of the language. (Unrelated to the above site of the same title.)

Finnish Language Learning Resources. A short, annotated list of Internet resources for learners of Finnish.

Helsingin Sanomat. The online edition of the Helsinki daily paper. There's also an international edition in English.

Introduction to Finnish. Lessons in basic Finnish with extensive grammatical notes, plus links to resources on Finnish language and culture.

Learn Finnish Online. A Moodle-based site for beginners to Finnish, which appears to be free to use. You have to send an email to be registered on the site and to access the learning materials.

SKS: Kalevala. A site dedicated to the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala. In Finnish, English, French, and German.

Sonera Plaza. News, views, features, and chat in Finnish. The site is run by the mobile phone company Sonera.

Virtual Finland. The official site of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, dedicated to promoting Finnish culture and language. Lots of useful information and links.

Yleisradio / yletv. The Finnish national broadcasting company online, also in Swedish and English (YLE International), with radio and TV broadcasts in Real Audio, and an educational section.

Ymmärrä suomea! An online Finnish comprehension course, with a number of texts each concentrating on a particular grammar point, plus an online (non-searchable) Finnish => English dictionary and grammar reference. The site is completely written in Finnish.


Icelandic Educational Network. Lots of useful educational resources in Iceland. In Icelandic, with versions of the website in other Scandinavian languages and English.

Icelandic phrase page. How to pronounce Icelandic words and phrases, in text and audio.

Virtually Virtual Iceland. Tourist information on Iceland, including a few sound files of common Icelandic phrases.


Bokmålsordboka og Nynorskordboka Searchable Norwegian dictionary.

Dagbladet.The Norwegian newspaper online.

Norsk Litteratur. History of Norwegian literature, with some online texts.

Norwegian wiki. Maintained by University College London, this site has learning material on grammar, a Norwegian-English dictionary, many authentic Norwegian texts, and links to Norwegian-related resources. There are a few audio files scattered amongst the pages.

NorTANA, the Norwegian Teachers Association of North America based at St Olaf College, Minnesotsa, USA. It promotes Norwegian Studies at all levels and includes the Quarterly publication NorwegianTeachers Newsletter.

Norwegian Grammar. Basic introduction to Norwegian grammar, with online quizzes.

Verdens Gang. Norwegian newspaper (in Norwegian).


Aftonbladet. The Swedish daily newspaper online.

Beginner's Swedish. A series of short, image-intensive lessons focusing on everyday situations, including audio clips (MP3) and exercises.

Kulturnät sverige. A large, categorised collection of links to Net sites related to Swedish culture. Site text in Swedish and English.

People's Dictionary. A contributory English ⇔ Swedish dictionary, based on the Lexin dictionary but expanded by 'crowdsourcing'. By default, lookup returns bare terms, which you can expand to include a number of fields, such as usage, definition and pronunciation.

Radio Sweden. RealAudio broadcasts in Swedish, English, Russian, Latvian, and Estonian. Site text in Swedish, with some English.

The Sami people. General information about the Sami people of Sweden, written in English.

Statistics Sweden. Official statistics on Sweden's demography, economy, and society, from the national statistics office. Site text in Swedish and in English.

Svenska Institutet. Website of the Swedish Institute with a wealth of information about Sweden - country, people, language, and culture - including printable fact sheets and information about Swedish language courses and cultural exchanges. Site text in Swedish and English.

Svelsk-engelskt lexikon. Online Swedish-English dictionary, giving full word definitions, including examples of usage and compounds. The site also holds Swedish-Croatian, -Bosnian, -Finnish, and -Greek dictionaries. Site text in Swedish, but there is an English interface to the dictionary.

Swedish media. A categorised and seemingly comprehensive list of links to Swedish print and broadcast media online, from the impressive Kidon Media Link.

Virtual Sweden. A hierarchical directory of Internet sites in Sweden.

Den Virtuella Skolen. Distance learning courses in writing Swedish primarily aimed at Sixth Form students in Sweden, including how to write narratives, analyse arguments, write descriptions, and write about literature. Site text in Swedish.


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