Middle Eastern languages sites

aboutmalta.com. A hierarchical, Yahoo-style index to everything Maltese, including a large section on Language and Literature.

Al-Ahram. Online version of the Egyptian Arabic-language daily. Site text in Arabic.

Al Bawaba. A Yahoo-like hierarchical, searchable, and annotated index of Internet sites in the Middle East, based in Jordan. The site also has news stories, articles on current events, financial news, and online discussion fora. Site text in Arabic and English.

Aleph-Bet on the Net. Online Hebrew language exercises for English speakers, written in Javascript. The exercises are sorted into 10 beginner's lessons, and use images of Hebrew characters so that no special fonts or system setup is required on the user's computer.

Al Jazeera. The Arabic-language satellite news channel based in Qatar. Site text in Arabic.

Arab Ambassador. A monthly magazine of Arabic culture, published in the USA in English.

Arabic Online. This is "an EU-funded project to provide comprehensive language resources for learning Modern Arabic". The site is a full beginner's interactive audiovisual course in Arabic, implemented in Adobe Flash, based on dialogues in Arabic with transcriptions in English, and phonetic and written Arabic.

Arabic Windows: Arabicizing Windows Applications to Read and Write Arabic. Detailed technical instructions on how to configure MS Windows, and word processors and web browsers running under Windows, to display and write Arabic. The paper also has a number of online references users can follow up.

Arab Net. A searchable database of news and information on Middle East and North African countries.

Arabic Resources. Downloadable CALL software for learners of Arabic, plus links to Arabic resources on the Net sorted by type.

Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture. A site dedicated to the history, culture, and language of the Sephardic communities in Europe and the US, with particular focus on their language, Ladino (also known as Judeo-Spanish).

Grazio's Malta Virtwali. A wealth of resources on Malta and the Maltese language, including a basic English-Maltese dictionary and a Survival Maltese course. This site has now been incorporated into aboutmalta.com

Haaretz. Online version of the Israeli daily newspaper, in Hebrew and English. To view the Hebrew edition, Hebrew fonts are provided for downloading, with instructions for installation.

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Back issues of the journal are available online in HTML and PDF.

Learn Arabic. An introduction to Arabic, including a multimedia beginners course in Arabic with interactive exercises, information on the language and Arab culture, and selected verses from the Koran. Requires Macromedia Flash 5 plugin and audio output, as all the lesson instructions are spoken in English.

Morim.com. A large collection of resources for teachers and learners of Hebrew, including an online Hebrew course with audio clips, Java games, links, a forum, Hebrew fonts, and bibliographies. Site text in French and English.

National Centre for the Hebrew Language. Website of the US-based NCHL, with information about the organisation and its activities, and resources for those interested in Hebrew, including etymologies of Hebrew words and roots, an "Ask the Experts" section, some works of Hebrew literature, and links to Hebrew sites worldwide. You can listen to Hebrew audio clips on the site, but this requires downloading a proprietary plugin called Beatnik.


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