Indian languages sites

Ame Gujarati. A collection of links and resources for students and teachers of Gujarati.

Daily Hindi Milap (Hyderabad). Online Hindi newspaper, in Hindi (a downloadable Hindi font is provided).

Hindi Instruction and Internet. A site dedicated to the use of the Internet as an aid to teaching Hindi. Includes some exercises and links to Indian resources.

Hindi Language Resources. Links to Internet resources for Hindi.

Learn Indian languages. The title of this site is a little hyperbolic, as it primarily consists of phrases and links to language learning and reference sites. It does, though, provide phrases in some 28 languages, not just for English speakers but those of other major Indian languages. It's a useful stepping-off point for anyone wanting to learn one of the, according to, minimum of 30 official languages in the subcontinent.

Malayalam Language Tutor. A tutorial on writing Malayalam, including animations to show how characters are written.

Prasad Naik's India Links. A categorised list of links to India resources on the Internet.

Samachar. A Net portal and news service for India. Although it primarily has news stories in English, there is a large nubmer of useful links to news sources in Indian languages on the home page, plus links to other news portals in Indian languages at the bottom of the home page. The home page is a bit 'busy' and only displays correctly in Internet Explorer, although it's viewable in other browsers.

UK India. News, views,and information about the Indian sub-continent, including lessons on how to read various languages of the region (eg Urdu, Hindi).

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