Iberian languages sites


Basque Country: Home Page. The WWW server of the Basque government, with general information on the Basque region and PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files of the Basque Country Official Gazette. Website text in Basque, English, Spanish, French, and German.

Basque Studies Program at the University of Nevada, USA. Includes some simple text tutorials on the Basque language.

Santurtziko Udal Euskaltegia. Resources for Basque language learners and teachers, including free lessons in Basque (source language Spanish) and useful links. One-to-one tutoring via email is available on request. The site is managed by the Town Hall of Santurtzi.


AVUI. A Catalan language newspaper.

Catalan dictionary. A searchable online dictionary of Catalan aimed at English and Catalan speakers, with extensive usage notes and examples. There's a conjugate feature, and downloadable and printable PDFs of the English-Catalan and Catalan-English dictionary, with notes for English speakers, made available for free under a Creative Commons licence. Bear in mind that the dictionary hasn't been updated since 2014.

The Catalan Language. A descriptive introduction, in English, to Catalan, with brief information on culture, speaking areas, history and of course politics. Written by a language tutor, it's hosted on a commercial language courses site so is clearly aimed at getting users to sign up, but it's a useful 'starter for 10' on Catalan without needing to pay any money.

Catalunya Ràdio. You can listen to broadcasts in real time using Real Audio.

Diputació de Barcelona. The offical WWW site of the Barcelona local authority.

Parla.cat. A site for learning Catalan, created and maintained by the official Catalan regional government, with levels at Basic, Elementary, Intermediate and Sufficiency (?), each rated at 3 months learning. The rather stiff and official site demo requires the Adobe Flash Player. You have to register, for free, with the site to access course material for self-study by filling in an inquisitive registration form which even requires an ID number! Site text in Catalan, Castilian Spanish, English, French and German.

Televisió de Catalunya on line.


galego.org. A site dedicated to the Galician language and culture. Includes a small English-Galician dictionary.


Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation. A useful text guide to pronunciation, on a more general promotion/commercial site. The only other useful tool on the site is the verb conjugator in the Grammar section.

Brazilian Press Media Guide. A comprehensive collection of links to the Brazilian media (press agencies, newspapers, TV stations, etc), sorted by type.

Caminho de Santiago de Compostela - O Portal Peregrino. A practical guide to pilgrims on the Caminho. Site text in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Collección Cisneros. Dedicated to Latin American art, and particularly contemporary art, this site contains images of the pieces with interpretative descriptions, and detailed notes on each artist. There's also a study guide for students, with directed activities and the facility to zoom in on pieces to examine them in detail. A nicely-constructed site with a well-designed interface. Site text in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Diário de Notícias OnLine. Online version of the Portuguese daily newspaper.

Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa Online A detailed online dictionary of Portuguese, including word definitions, verb conjugations, and examples of usage.

Folha de S. Paulo. Online version of the São Paolo daily newspaper.

Glasgow University's Portuguese Page. Lots of links to Portuguese resources on the Web, and an online text-based beginners course called De Tudo Um Pouco.

Instituto Camões. A cultural institute for the promotion of Portuguese culture and language, with information on the institute and its activities (courses, bursaries, cultural programmes, etc) and a Portuguese literature archive.

Jornal Zero Hora. Brazilian newspaper.

Jornal de Noticias. Portuguese newspaper online.

Portugal Net. An annotated and sorted collection of Portuguese sites in Portugal and worldwide.

Portuguese by Anne Duguid. A site for English speakers interested in learning Portuguese, and/or learning about Portuguese history and culture. The site is mainly composed of categorised, annotated, and graded links for learners of Portuguese, but there are also weekly articles in English, with links to Portuguese sites, on various cultural and linguistic topics.

Presidência do Conselho de Ministros. The official website of the Portuguese government, with detailed information on the government, its members, and its programmes, plus links to sites of government departments, and the Parliament.

Presidência da Repùblica Federativa do Brasil. The official website of the Presidency of Brazil, with information on the president and offices of the presidency, the history of the Brazilian government, and the legal system, plus links to government departmental websites.

Processamento computacional do português. A site dedicated to computational linguistics on Portuguese, including links to textual resources, lexica, corpora and NLP tools. The main features of the site are the online annotated corpora comprising some 230 million words.

Projecto Vercial. A database of Portuguese literature, sorted by category and searchable, with biographical information on authors and many of their original texts online. A very useful resource for students and teachers of Portuguese literature. Warning: an irritating iLead popup appears when you access the home page, thanks to the author's naivety in using a free web counter from webstats4u - the rest of the site is free of this curse.

Radiotelevis?o Portugesa. The Portuguese national TV and radio broadcaster online, including recorded audio and video clips of news bulletins.

SAPO - Portugal Online. A 'Net portal' to Portugal, with current news stories, and Yahoo-like categories containing links to a wide range of Portuguese sites.

Texts in Portuguese, featuring poetry and prose from writers in Portuguese worldwide.

TSF R?dio Not?cias. Online Portuguese news radio station, with live webcasts in RealAudio.

Versos de Segunda. Modern poetry in the Portuguese language.


12 best Netflix series to learn Spanish. An article on how you could use Netflix TV series to improve your Spanish, with detailed descriptions and learning information (learning, accents, etc). Not being subscribed to Netflix I can't assess the value, or otherwise, of these programmes, but it's a nice way of exposing learners to authentic language.

ABC Electrónico. Online Spanish newspaper.

Arts and History - Forum of Mexican Culture. A collection of information on the arts and history of Mexico. Text in both Spanish and English.

BBC Languages: Spanish. Although now archived and no longer updated, this page has a good collection of Spanish learning resources both from the BBC and outside.

Biografías y Vidas. A large, searchable collection of biographies of famous people of all nationalities. Site text in Spanish.

Busca Palabras. An interactive Spanish dictionary, with the options to search for words, get synonyms and antonyms, word definitions, and rhymes. There are also plenty of other features, including conjugations, spelling aids, converting numbers to letters, and more. Text and interface in Spanish.

Camille: Español Interactivo. A multimedia course for beginners of Spanish on CD-ROM which includes more than 300 interactive exercises, full-motion video and animation. Three exercises can be downloaded from the website.

El Camino de Santiago. Aimed at intermediate to advanced learners of Spanish, this interactive multimedia site explores the traditional pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, looking at traditions, legends, history, practical aspects, and more. The site contains videos and language exercises on specific grammatical and cultural topics. You can register, for free, so as to save your sessions. Created by the Ministry of Quebec, Canada.  Site text in Spanish.

Ciber-Lexico Comparativo. A large alphabetically-sorted list of English computer culture and technology terms with their equivalents in Spanish.

CNN. The world-famous US news service online, including a live RealAudio feed. Broadcasts in Spanish and English.

Collección Cisneros. Dedicated to Latin American art, and particularly contemporary art, this site contains images of the pieces with interpretative descriptions, and detailed notes on each artist. There's also a study guide for students, with directed activities and the facility to zoom in on pieces to examine them in detail. A nicely-constructed site with a well-designed interface. Site text in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

La Cucuracha - music of the Spanish Civil War. Audio (MP3) and text of many famous Republican songs from the War.

Diario La Nacion. Brief news and headlines from Costa Rica, in Spanish and English.

Diccionarios Anaya. Searchable online dictionaries for Spanish, Spanish-English, and English-Spanish. The search results give full dictionary definitions for a word, including examples of usage. There's also a searchable database of Spanish films. Recommended.

El Mundo. The national daily online.

El País Digital. El País online.

El Periódico de Catalunya. The Catalan newspaper online.

FluentU Spanish Learning Blog. Weekly posts with useful Spanish tips for Spanish learners and teachers, such as learning vocabularly via news, restaurant vocabulary, and native idioms.

Gaucho Mundial Magazine. An online magazine on Argentinian culture. Instituto Cervantes. A Spanish organisation dedicated to the promotion and teaching of the Spanish language.

Golden Age Sonnets. Poems from the Spanish "Golden Age", in the original Spanish with English translations, categorised by poet and by first line, with bibliographies of the poets. There are also links to mythology sites, for background on the mythological allusions in the poems, and annotated links to other sites related to Spanish literature and poetry.

Instituto Cervantes. The primary centre for all things Spanish, akin to the British Council.

La Guerra Civil Española (Canciones). Songs from both the Republican and Nationalist sides in the War, as MP3 clips with transcriptions.

The Language Learning Playground. German and Spanish lessons for beginners, with RealAudio clips. The site also contains lyrics and recordings of German and Spanish folk songs. (This site was previously known as ASSK International.)

LatinoWeb. A searchable index of Internet sites in Latin America, sorted by type.

LearnPlus Spanish Course. Online course to "get by in Spanish and to brush up your language skills". Courses are fully interactive and offer the support of real language teachers. Free language assessment and course demo. German course also available.

Learn Spanish. Resources for learners of Spanish, including vocabularies and phrases, a pronunciation guide, and links to Spanish learning resources.

Learn Spanish: a free online tutorial. A Spanish tutorial, including audio clips, exercises, and cultural notes.

Más arriba. Lots of Spanish exercises for beginners taken from the "electronic workbook" accompanying the introductory Spanish text ¡Arriba!.

Nueva Revista. A journal of Spanish politics, art, and culture. The website has selected articles from the current and back issues of the journal, plus links to other relevant sites. Text in Spanish.

Prensa Libre. A Guatemalan newspaper online.

Printable Spanish Flashcards. Over 75 flashcards for teachers of Spanish, in a range of topics, eg 'body parts', 'colors', available to download as PDF documents.

Radio Cadena Nacional. A Columbian radio station online, with news stories and RealAudio broadcasts.

Radio Nacional de España. Includes a live RealAudio feed of Radio Exterior de España.

La Raza. Online version of the Chicago-based Spanish-language newspaper, serving the US Hispanic community.

Paseo Virtual por Extremadura. Website (in Spanish only) featuring the principal texts on the language of the Extremadura region of Spain.

Recursos. A guide to resources for Spanish Studies on the WWW. Links to Spanish and Spanish-related sites on the Web.

Recursos para professores de español. A large collection of free teaching materials for Spanish teachers, in Microsoft Word format, for all levels, covering a wide range of grammatical themes. There are also tips on how to use the materials, materials contributed by site users, a few interactive exercises, Spanish links, and even a mini art gallery as a distraction. Site text in Spanish.

Red Académica Uruguaya (RAU). General information on Uruguay and links to other sites in Uruguay and Latin America.

La República de Perú. The newspaper online.

Revista de Estudios Extremeños. Online version of the journal Revista de Estudios Extremeños, founded in 1927. This site (in Spanish only) features articles on the culture, literature and history of the Extremadura region of Spain, on themes such as the "Las Hurdes" region, writers, etc.

La Rioja. A large, picture-rich site dedicated to the culture and history of the Rioja region, not just its wines.

The Tecla Home Page. An online magazine written for learners and teachers of Spanish. You can also get summaries of programmes in the BBC series for learners of Spanish, Sueños: World Spanish.

Sí Spain. Maintained by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this useful site has a host of links to sites in Spain as well as information about the culture and history of Spain.

Spain Uncovered. A vast list of links to sites in Spain, sorted by type and including Government, Culture, and Tourism sections.

Spanish Grammar. Explanations (in Spanish) of some aspects of Spanish grammar, and links to useful grammar information and exercises on the WWW.

Spanish Grammar Exercises. Javascript exercises on Spanish grammar, for all levels. There are also links to other sites with exercises, a "guided reading" with sound of the song Ojalá que llueva café by Juan Luis Guerra with hypertext annotations, and a photo journal of the Dominican Republic.

Spanish Index. A site containing cultural information (in Spanish) on Spain and some of its customs such as the lottery, bull fighting, art and literature. Also has online radio broadcasts and online journals.

SpanishLanguage.co.uk. A categorised and annotated list of links of interest to leaners and teachers of Spanish, including online courses, media sites, and discussion boards. (No relation to the above link.)

Spanish Language Exercises. Interactive and tutor-checked Spanish exercises (written in CGI and Javascript).

Spanish language online radios. Links to over 400 online Spanish-language radio stations across the Spanish-speaking world, sorted by country. The site also has some useful, well-annotated links to other online resources for learners.

Spanish Language Romance. Free resources for learners of Spanish, such as vocabulary, phrases, grammar, and proverbs. To access the full range of resources you need to subscribe as a member, free of charge.

Spanish Language Training. A useful 'blended' page for those interested in learning Spanish language and culture, comprising introductory text and categorised links to useful resources, such as Culture, Dictionaries and Literature. A good starting point for learners new to Spanish and Spain.

Spanish Online. A text-based, online course in Spanish, for rank beginners through to intermediate level learners, provided by Manchester Metropolitan University. The lessons are based on authentic texts, and include interactive tests. Each lesson has sections for grammar and vocabulary. The course is currently free, although you have to register and there are plans to introduce administration charges in the future.

Spanish speaking resources for Travelling to Mexico. An annotated list of useful resources for beginners in Spanish, focussing on the language spoken in Mexico.

Spanish verb chart. A simple 1-page PDF document of tenses of the verb hablar. Nothing special as there are lots of online conjugators, but a useful printable reference to keep on the desk.

ssl4you - Español Segunda Lengua para Todos. Spanish native speaker podcasts on a wide range of topics, with transcripts and translations.

University Languages: Spanish. A nice page from the UK Open University listing selected useful sites for learners of Spanish, including grammar tutorials, dictionaries and courses.

La Vanguardia Electronica de Barcelona. The newspaper online.

La Voz, Diario de Lanzarote.

Voces y letras hispánicas. A website run by the Instituto Cervantes containing information on the Spanish language, including history, literature, and different dialects and pronunciations. Includes RealAudio clips of dialects and pronunciations.


Accio Bibliografica Valenciana. Web site of one of the principals publishing houses in Valencian language. Collections of classic and modern titles. Book purchase on-line is available.They send their books worldwide. They also publish the Magazine of Valencian Philology (ISSN-1135-1896) that has an annual edition. This magazine was first published in 1994 and is now in its eigth volume. It is the diffusive organ of the studies of philology and Valencian linguistics. In this magazine you can find scientific collaborations of various specialists belonging to national and foreign centres. Web site in Spanish and Valencian.

Associacio d'Escritors en Llengua Valenciana. Website of the Valencian Language Writers' Association (Aellva), with contents in information about current Valencian language writers and a small but growing virtual library with e-texts. Site text in Valencian, with some pages in English.

CJAV. CJAV is a group that contains 32 juvenile associations dedicated to preserve and promote the Valencian language and culture. This site includes linguistic and historic questions/articles related to the Valencian language. Also includes an e-book about the Valencian language.(Text in Valencian)

L' Oronella. Main publishing house in Valencian. L'Oronella publishes classic and modern titles of Valencian literature. They published in 1998 (with full texts in English, French, Valencian and Spanish "Valencian, a language for the 21st century". They also publish monthly the cultural and literary magazine in Valencian "Lletraferit" (ISSN 1136-8179). This magazine was first published in 1996 and is now in its 50th edition.(Text in Valencian)

PNP, Plataforma Normes d' el Puig. This is the site of PNP, a Platform constituted by more than 60 associations of all the Valencian territory to protect the Valencian language. This site includes a large report about the current situation of the Valencian language. Also includes the full text of the "Manifest to the Valencian identity and Valencian language". Full English, French, Spanish and Valencian versions.

RACV, Royal Academy of Valencian Culture. This is the official web site of the Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana (RACV) founded by the Valencian provincial Government in 1915. They publish titles about the Valencian language and Valencian culture. The RACV today represents the Valencian language at the international languages fair "Expolingua" in Madrid.(Text in Valencian)

Lo Rat Penat. Web site of "Lo Rat Penat", a centenary institution founded in 1878 in Valencia city to promote the Valencian language and culture. They also publish titles in Valencian. Linguistic information is also available on this site.(Text in Valencian)

Report about the Valencian language. Report about the Valencian language by the Professor Antoni Fontelles. Linguistical, sociolinguistical, judicial, political, literary and bibliographic dimensions of the Valencian language are available in this report. Text in English.

Valencian. Basic information about the legal status of the Valencian language. Text in English.

Valencian.org. A comprehensive resource for anyone interested in Valencian language and culture. The site is a project of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture, and contains find e-books, studies, articles, news, resources, links and information about the language. Includes beginners lessons in Valencian. Site text in English, French, German, Spanish, and of course Valencian.

The Valencian Language Methodological Foundation. This web site includes a large explanation of the methodological foundation of the Valencian language by the Professor J. Angeles Castello. Text in English.

Valencia to World. Information in Spanish and Valencian about the Valencian language, Valencian linguistics, grammatical and phonetic questions. Also you can see a large photographic file of the great manifestation of half a million people in June 1997 on the streets of Valencia city (information from the Valencian Newspaper "Las Provincias") with the slogan of "Yes to the statute, Yes to the Valencian Idiome" in clear reference to the 1997 attacks on the Valencian language made by the Catalan nationalist parties in the Spanish Parliament and in Valencia.

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