Italian languages sites


The Embassy of Italy in London. Official website of the Italian Embassy, packed full of categorised resources and information on Italy and all things Italian, behind a deceptively bland home page. Recommended.

Enitaliano. A Spanish-language blog for Spanish-speaking learners of Italian, with sections on grammar, figures of speech, and living in Italy. The posts are purely text, without interactivity or multimedia.

Internet Resources: Italian. A categorised list of links to Italian resources on the Internet.

Istituto Nazionale di Statistic (Istat) . Official statistics on Italy's demography, economy, and society, from the national statistics office. A useful report is the annual "Italia in Cifre", which gives a detailed overview of Italian economy and society, including trends. Site text in English and Italian.

Italian accent converter. This is a handy little online utility, which takes text written using apostrophes for accents, as is often written by users of English language keyboards, and converts it into the correct format. So the phrase "E' un po' come le citta' italiane" becomes "È un po' come le città italiane". You can also download a free (for personal use) Windows utility with extra functionality.

Italica. A rapidly growing and impressive website run by RAI International, which aims to be a "Virtual Campus of Italian language and culture" on the WWW. A major feature of Italica is that it makes use of the vast documentary heritage, both audio and video, in the RAI archives. Recommended.

TuttItalia. "Il sito dedicato all'italianistica." A collection of annotated links to Italian resources, including Language, Mass Media, and Society.

Current Affairs and Politics

Banca Dati della Memoria. An archive of official documents of recent and ongoing judicial and parliamentary investigations, including the Andreotti trial, and the inquiries into the Ustica and Piazza Fontana tragedies.

Il Caso Sofri. A site dedicated to the campaign to free Adriano Sofri, and his comrades Bompressi and Pietrostefani, jailed for the murder of the police chief Calabresi in 1972. In Italian, English, German, French, and even Serbo-Croat. A potentially useful site for a course in Italian current affairs. The Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica also has a section dedicated to the Sofri case.

La Città Invisibile. News and views from the Italian Left.

Cosa Nostra Home Page. Information (in Italian) on the various Mafia organisations in Italy and the world.

Forza Italia. The official website of the main right-wing party in Italy.

Italian political parties. Information on the main Italian political parties and their programmes.

Misteri d'Italia. A journalistic-historical site dedicated to the countless unsolved 'affairs' over the last half-century, such as Piazza Fontana, Ustica, the killing of Carlo Giuliani, to name but a few. You can sign up for a regularly and detailed email newsletter with updates on current stories. Produced by journalists using sound sources and continuously updated, this site is a gold mine for anyone interested in post-war Italian history and in current affairs. Highly recommended.

I Verdi. The website of the Italian Green Federation.


Dizionario della Moda. An encyclopedia of fashion, rather than a dictionary, with long entries on topics such as individual designers, movements, and fashion terms.

Garzanti Linguistica. A very good online Italian-language dictionary. Type in a term to get a full dictionary definition, including use of the term in idioms and expressions, and hyperlinks to related terms. There's also an Italian-English dictionary on the site, which includes audio files in MP3 format, but you have to register (for free) to use it. Recommended.

Italian-English Dictionaries. Links to online dictionaries of use to Italian-English translation - monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual. Includes some very useful and hard-to-find dictionaries (eg Information Technology, proverbs, Medicine).

Online Italian-English dictionary. Actually, it's rather more than a dictionary, as the site also has resources for learners, plus links to a blog and word of the day. The dictionary is a little idiosyncratic, in that a translation of, say, "ring" will only return the noun "anello" unless you either tell it to look for "to ring", in which case you get the verb, or to look for "ring" as a substring, in which case you get every work with "ring" in, including "fluttering", "gathering", etc.


Governo italiano. The official website of the Italian government. Lots of useful information about ministeries and personnel, including biographies of ministers.

Ministero degli Affari Esteri in Italia. The official site of the Italian Foreign Ministry, with current and past official documents (eg press releases, policy statements) online, and information on the Ministry and its activities (including details of study bursaries). A nicely-designed website which is easy on the eye, and which also has English and text-only versions.

Parlamento italiano. The Italian Parliament online, with extensive and detailed information on the activities, composition, and procedures of both the Camera and the Senate. You can also listen live to debates, or recordings of recent debates, via RealAudio. Recommended.

Palazzo Chigi. The official website of the Council of Ministers.

Senato della Repubblica. Website of the Italian Senate, with information on its workings, laws and bills in progress, composition, and much else.

Language and Dialects

Al Grop Furlan. Information and links on the Friulian language/dialect, including an online forum.

Bulgnais. A site dedicated to Bolognese, the dialect spoken in Emilia-Romagna, with information about Bolognese language, literature, and culture, and links to related sites.

Learning and Teaching

Online lessons and courses, grammar references, teaching materials, etc Web TV dedicated to Italian language and culture, for students, teachers or anyone interested in Italian. High-quality (technically and linguistically) videos. There are video courses available to 'premium users', but the rest of the site content is gratis. From the Italian publishers ALMA Edizioni.

Easy Italian News. Audio news reports in simplified Italian, with transcripts, a bulletin with multiple reports issued every 2 days. Each report has a link to the original news report in the Italian media. A very useful tool both for keeping up with news and to improve your Italian, and for generating class discusion..

Guerra Edizioni. Material for teachers and learners of Italian, including an online forum to discuss problems with the language, a chat room, activities and exercises, and lots of links to Italian sites.

Icon: Italian culture on the Net. The Icon Consortium is composed of some 24 Italian universities, in collaboration with the ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Education, with the purpose of providing online courses and materials for foreigners and Italians resident abroad who are interested in Italian language, culture and history. The site is a 'portal' to a wide range of resources and services, and offers the opportunity to take a 3-year certificated degree course in Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners. You have to pay for many of the courses and resources, but there are also a good number of free courses and resources available for which you have to register (free of charge). A very interesting initiative worth keeping an eye on. Recommended. Site text in Italian, English, Spanish, German, and French.

ILUSS - Italiano online. Interactive exercises, reading materials, and links for students and teachers of Italian. Although this is a paid membership site, a significant amount of its resources are freely-available to non-members.

Italian Short Stories. A free collection of short stories of literature rewritten in easy Italian (HTML and PDF), for beginners and intermediate learners.

Italian Teaching Resources website. Described as "a collaborative resource for teachers of Italian in secondary schools in the UK and their students", the site contains a wealth of teaching resources on a wide range of topics, and for a range of UK teaching levels (GCSE, KS3, Sixth Form). The resources are in Italian, downloadable as Microsoft Word (.docx) files.

The Italian Electronic Classroom. A grand title for basic, but very useful, tutorials and exercises on "difficult" aspects of Italian language, such as idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, prepositions, and pronouns.

Kitty's Italian crosswords. Printable PDF crosswords for learners of Italian, focussing on particular language points (eg irregular passato prossimo, numbers), created by a mother teaching her daughter Italian. The crosswords are free to download and use.

Learn Italian Idioms. A blog serving an Italian idiom a day to learners of the language. Idiom and explanation in Italian, site text in English.

Materiali didattici per l'insegnamento dell'italiano. Texts and exercises (non-interactive), graded by level, for learners of Italian as a foreign language, using continuously updated material. The exercises are useful resources for teachers of Italian at all levels.

News in slow Italian. News and articles in Italian, presented as text and read by native speakers at a relatively slow pace, for beginners and intermediate students, to practice reading and listening. Site text in English.

Oggi e Domani. An interactive 20-lesson course in Italian, ranging from beginner to intermediate level. Each lesson includes exercises, audio clips, and external links, and reference material (dictionary, grammar, pronunciation) is always available.

OneWorld Italiano. Lots of text and multimedia exercises in Italian: grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and more. There are also YouTube videos and full lessons with audio. The site belongs to an Italian language school in Sardinia. Site text in Italian, English, French, Japanese and German.

Online Italian Club. A resource-packed site for intermediate and advanced learners of Italian, with exercises, grammar, literature, and audio clips with comprehension exercises and transcripts. It hosts the very useful Easy Italian News, which publishes regular 'news bulletins' taken from the Italian Press read in simplified Italian, with transcripts, and links to the original stories.

Progetto Talis. An experimental project to put Italian texts and exercises online for learners of Italian.

Trieste Verb Conjugator. A useful Italian verb conjugator hosted at the University of Trieste. Enter any verb for conjugation in any tense in active, passive, or reflexive forms. The no-frills interface is a refreshing relief from the eye-mangling designs of so many language sites.


La Biblioteca Telematica. A large collection of texts, including non-Italian literature translated into Italian, sorted alphabetically by author. There's also an experimental VRML library.

Divina Commedia - Splash. The full text of Dante Alighieri's masterwork from the 14th century - Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso - divided into Canti. Each canto has the original text, in Dante's Tuscan, with a riassunto (prècis), critical introduction, and translation in modern Italian, unformatted but readable. Hosted on a 2001 platform so it might not last much longer. 

Divina Commedia: Inferno. Bite-sized digestible chunks of Dante's Inferno, aimed at intermediate and advanced learners of Italian, in the original Tuscan, moden Italian, and English translation, prefaced with contextual introduction and summary, in Italian. Hosted by the Literature section of the Online Italian Club.

La Libreria di Dora. A site dedicated to Italian authors and literature, ancient and contemporary, with biographies of authors and critical analyses of their works. The site also has an online critical magazine, and a facility for readers to add their comments to pages. Site text mainly in Italian, with some English.

Il Narratore. A cultural non-profit organisation which aims to provide spoken narrations of literary works from all over the world. Currently the site has written works of many Italian authors, past and present, with audio samples (MP3) online. Site text in English and Italian.

Newspapers, and Periodicals

ANSA - un agenzia italiana di informazione. The Italian Press agency online.

Corriere della Sera. The online version of the Italian newspaper, including all the sections and supplements in the printed editions.

Il Diario. The Italian current affairs weekly online.

L'Espresso. Online edition of the Italian glossy weekly current affairs magazine.

Il Foglio. Online newspaper in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).

Gazzetta dello Sport Online. The Italian daily for the sport-obsessed online, including RealAudio clips. There are also some very useful vocabularies for individual sports - choose a sport, then click on "vocabulario".

Huffington Post Italia. The Italian manifestation of the famous Huffington Post blog, with news stories and articles on Italy updated daily. Produced in collaboration with Gruppo Espresso, which also publishes La Repubblica and l'Espresso. An interesting alternative news source.

Internazionale. Review of the world's press, in Italian.

Liberazione. The newspaper of the Partito della Rifondazione Comunista. For light relief, there's also LiberazioNet, a satirical weekly run by Prc members.

Il Manifesto. Online version of the independent Communist newspaper. The site also has Italian translations of the left-wing French weekly Le Monde Diplomatique.

Panorama Online. News and articles from the current affairs magazine. There's also a "sputa il rospo" section, where readers write in with stories they want investigating.

La Repubblica. The Italian daily newspaper online, which seems to feature all the stories that appear in the paper version, and has complete back issues to the beginning of the month and a search engine. A well-designed site with plenty of content. Recommended.

Repubblica TV e Radio. Audio and video reports from the Italian centre-left newspaper La Repubblica. You can subscribe to daily audio and video podcasts on your media player for offline consumption. A very handy resource for teachers and learners with authentic language on current issues.

Il Sole 24 Ore. Online up-to-the-minute business news in Italian.

La Stampa. The Italian newspaper online. As well as the online stories in HTML, there's a condensed 4-page PDF version of the newspaper called Dayfax, which is sadly unprintable.

L'Unione Sarda. The Sardinian newspaper online.

Unità in Rete. The Italian Communist newspaper on the Net.

TV & Radio

ItaliaRadio. One of the radio stations of the Espresso group online, with live broadcasts in MP3, news, and programme schedules.

Migliori podcast italiani. Index of Italian language podcasts, categorised by subject.

Radio Radio FM. The Italian talk radio online, in RealAudio.

Radio Padova Online. Live RealAudio broadcasts from the FM station covering northern Italy, plus info on the station and its programmes.

Radio Popolare di Milano. A radical radio station online in RealAudio, with links to other radical broadcasters in Italy.

Radio Radicale. News and comment on Italian politics and political parties, including in-depth investigations on particular stories, and online real-time broadcasts in RealAudio.

Radio Sherwood. A radical Left Italian radio station online with live RealAudio broadcast.

RAI Radio Televisione Italiana. The continuously-improving and feature-packed website of the Italian State broadcaster, including:

  • Giornale Radio RAI. A good site full of RealAudio clips of current and archive news bulletins and special programmes (mainly from GR1 when I last looked). {Italian}
  • RAI News 24. Up to the minute news stories, with video clips.
  • RAI International. The RAI 'World Service', broadcasting via satellite, shortwave, and the Internet.
  • Teche RAI. Archive audio and video clips illustrating the past half-century.

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