Dutch language sites

Brussels Education Point (BOP). A Flemish education site for Dutch speaking teachers and pupils.

Digital Amsterdam. An online guide to Amsterdam, written in Dutch. NB: The opening page contains a graphic only, no text.

Dutch-English Study Group. A discussion list for independent learners of Dutch or English.

Dutch Studies (University of Hull). A large collection of briefly-annotated links of interest to undergraduate students of Dutch, sorted by category (Language, Literature, History, etc).

Dutch Language Pages on the Web. A list of links.

An Integral Dutch Course. Dutch for beginners. Text only.

De Koninklijke Bibliotheek. The National Library of the Netherlands online. The site includes a Telnet link to the OPAC catalogue of the KB, and the Nederlandse Basisclassificatie Web, a classified list of Internet resources relevant to the academic community. Written in Dutch and English.

LOWLANDS-L. A discussion list for "Lowlands languages", defined as Germanic languages that developed in the low-lying areas adjacent to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, primarily Dutch, Zeelandic, Frisian, Limburgish and Low Saxon, but including descendants of those languages, including Afrikaans, English and Scots. The site also has a large number of annotated links to sites relevant to these languages.

Muiswerk Woordenboek. A monolingual Dutch linguistic and grammatical reference, including a small vocabulary, verb conjugations, and expressions. Entries contain hyperlinks to other relevant entries.

Radio Netherlands Online. Available in Dutch, English, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesian, and Portuguese.

Taalthuis. A useful resource for English-speaking learners of Dutch, comprising useful resources, including a basic Dutch-English dictionary and a booklist for students. The site highlights are the free and detailed online Dutch courses at beginner and intermediate levels, with 10 lessons in each including audio clips (.wav), and grammar and culture references. There's also a Dutch-language version of the site for advanced Dutch learners.

Virtual Department of Dutch. An online collaboration of four UK universities with the Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union) in order to enhance the teaching of Dutch Studies across UK universities. The site offers a range of free Study Packs in Dutch language, history and culture.

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