Open Educational Resources (OER)

The e-learning outputs from my last post – Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) for healthcare education – were OER even before the term had been coined, and are still available at the  SONET RLO repository under a Creative Commons licence. These outputs are available for harvesting by OER repositories, and to my knowledge have been so harvested by many such stores, including the NHS E-learning repository, the UK Jorum project and the National Digital Learning Resources (NDLR) project in Ireland. As the OER movement took off worldwide, I became increasingly involved in it in recent years, as advocate and provider. I have a strong personal, moral commitment to the principles of OER, and have been actively involved at conferences and workshops run by organisations including CETIS, Jorum, and the Learning Registry.

Until August 2012, when I left my last post, I maintained a collaborative wiki on the topic of Healthcare OER which will be moved, in the near future, to a new location and be updated. I also administered a learning object repository – Intralibrary – for the RLO-CETL project, and developed small-scale repositories for local outputs.