E-learning portfolio


I have some 5 years experience of Moodle, primarily from the Course Manager role in which I’ve developed and ‘migrated’ many tens (>60) of courses in close collaboration with teaching colleagues. All of my Moodle courses developed at the University of Nottingham and Birmingham City University require authentication and are thus no longer visible, although I do have a few backup (.mbz) files which can be provided on demand.

Learning objects

The following is a list of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs, interactive multimedia e-learning applications) which I developed for the School of Nursing, University of Nottingham, from 2003 to 2012.  They’ve been developed with a range of technologies, including Adobe Director, Adobe Flash, eXe, Xerte, HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, jQuery, PHP and Javascript, and are still in active use by teachers at the School. Some require proprietary Flash or Shockwave plugins to run the embedded animations: