Web applications portfolio

Currently online web applications:

TitleLatest developmentTechnologies usedDescription and notes
Global Health projectOngoingPHP (Codeigniter), MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQueryA 'one-stop shop' for resources related to global health, with a specific emphasis on nursing's role and contribution. There are contributor and administrator interface available to registered users. The repository is compliant with Dublin Core, and comes with a DC-enriched RSS feed for harvesting.
Involving users & carers in your teachingJuly 2012PHP (Codeigniter), HTML5, CSS3This is an e-learning application for students and teachers of healthcare, incorporating audio and video clips with HTML5 (for proper browsers) and JW Player (for IE).
SONET learning object repositoryJuly 2012PHP, XHTML, CSS2, MySQLAn open repository of 150+ 'reusable learning objects' for healthcare education, made available as OER. This is the end-user interface of the repository. There's also an admin interface - login details on application. The repository has an API, and is exposed via rich RSS for harvesting.
Resource databaseNovember 2011PHP (Codeigniter), XHTML4, CSS2, MySQLA repository/database for online resources for students and teachers of healthcare, although it will be adapted for use for any subject. This is currently in beta version, awaiting funding to continue development
LOLA digital asset repositoryJanuary 2009PHP, MySQL, HTML4, CSS2A repository for digital outputs of the Lifelong Learning: Online Applications (LOLA) project
Language Institute catalogueDecember 2002ASP, Access, ODBCOnline catalogue of physical assets in the Language Institute, still online a decade after development!