CALL@Hull news

Site update


New sites added to the collection, many dead links removed in the French section.


Links on Balkan, Celtic and English pages checked, linkrot removed.


New sites (7) added to the collection, plus some dead links deleted. I'll get on to a proper cull of the linkrot in the near future.


After a long hiatus (3 years!) I've finally updated this collection with new sites, and have fixed the knackered search engine, sadly replacing it with Google for speed and convenience. I'm currently developing a database-driven version of this site, which will allow for far easier resource discovery via metadata tagging and classification, and make it a flip of a site easier to keep updated. Watch this space...

E-learning resources


I've added two useful elearning resources to CALL@Hull, which might be of use and interest to e-learning practitioners in languages and beyond:

OTiS Online Tutoring Ebook. This is an authoritative primer on e-learning pedagogy and methodology, full of practical implementation guidelines, which although it dates back to 2000 is still mostly relevant today as it deals with generic theory and practice in e-learning.

Media repositories for e-learning. A short page of sources of free, and freely-usable, media, in particular bitmap and vector images.

CALL@Hull goes dynamic


This site has been converted from a static site, comprising HTML files, to a 'dynamic' site, driven by server-side scripts using the PHP Codeigniter framework. Users won't notice any substantial difference in design and functioning, although URLs will be snappier (eg languages/french rather than languages/french.html). However, the site will be easier to maintain and to scale, and will be ready to become a fully database-driven site when I get the time to put together a proper repository. Watch this space, and of course the Facebook and Twitter feeds.

CALL@Hull site redesign


The CALL@Hull site has been radically redesigned, to bring its interface into the 21st century and make it easier to use and maintain. Content has been 'rationalised', in particular in the General and Multilingual sections, but has otherwise remained the same. It also now has social networking presences on Facebook and Twitter. Added functionality includes a search engine and 'suggest a site' form. Those interested in the technical details of the redesign can read the technical notes

Redirections have been put in place so as not to break existing links. Note that the RSS feed has also been moved - the link in the footer has the up to date feed, so please amend your entry in your newsreader.

I welcome comments on the redesign, good, bad or indifferent, via the contact form or by email. The main future development, when/if time allows, will be the moving of the collection into a proper resource repository and dynamic website.

Page last modified: February 15 2020